"It's not a phase, it's a passion!"

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"It's not a phase, it's a passion!"

“There are a few things in life I’m extremely passionate about; cars, bikes, engines and tools, the other thing is supporting people with a disability to experience these things, learn and develop in the world of mechanics, and have the opportunity to enjoy them as much as I do, so I created Ignition Support to provide people with that opportunity.  


When I left school I professionally trained and qualified as a chef in craft catering.  This has always been a deep passion and interest that has remained to this day.  There are many people with disabilities with an interest in catering and the skills learnt are excellent in promoting independant cooking skills, so Neilsta Cibus was created to provide this opportunity”.  (Neil Grant).


DevilsTorque has created it's own day care support service, supporting adults with a learning disability to learn and experience mechanics.


To learn more, visit our Ignition Support website by clicking on the picture below. (Opens in a new window).

Learning Disability day support in Medway

Tel: 01634 615 418

Call Neil today to discuss further details of our services.


Neilsta Cibus is a learning disability day service to support people in a commercially operating kitchen, to learn and experience catering opportunities.


Further details can be found at the Neilsta Cibus website (opens in a new window).