"It's not a phase, it's a passion!"

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"It's not a phase, it's a passion!"


"I remember a conversation I had with my dad one day, back in 2000.  I had seen a Toyota MR2 for sale in Gravesend, the home town of where I was born and raised.


The MR2 was a red non turbo Japanese import (G-Limited), and I loved it, I fell in love with MR2s from that moment.  For some reason I didn’t go for it, mostly because I had been put off by people talking about being careful when buying imported cars.  Remember; the internet in the UK was not quite what it is today, we had to rely heavily on those old fashioned things called books and magazines for trying to find spare parts, so if you bought an import and it wasn’t the same size as a UK car, you were in trouble.  Anyway, at the time of being young and naive I was put off and didn’t buy it.

A year went by and I regretted not buying that car nearly every day for that year.  Then in 2001 at the same car dealership I saw another one, this time a UK N/A car in Azure Blue.  


I saw it and had to have it.  I said to my dad that I had seen it and wanted it.  He said I should buy it, get it out of my system, he had sports cars when he was my age (TR4) and loved every minute of it, so enjoy it while you can before children and marriage come along…so that’s exactly what I did!


The only trouble is, that feeling has grown and never gone away, and I don’t think it’s going away any time soon.  I still have that little blue MR2 all these years later, and hopefully soon that little 2 litre N/A engine will be coming out, and a great big V8 will be going in.  (You’ll have to keep visiting us to see its progress).


Now my love and passion for all things powerful relating to engines has grown and taken over so much, that DevilsTorque was born.   Created in 2007, a celebration to all things with torque that puts a smile on your face.


They all said it was just a phase, I would soon grow out of it, I would have my moment of fun then move onto somthing else...but they were wrong!


That burning of rubber, 1/4 mile drag race, the demand for more and more horsepower, the debates between turbochargers, superchargers or pure muscle engines, two wheels, four wheels, nitrous and drifting.


Superbikes vs supercars, dirt bikes vs 4x4s, leaning into corners, double clutching, manual shifting, being thrown back has you throtal on and give it all she's got!...cars, bikes, speed boats, pure adreline fueled engine power, this is a life long love...it's not a phase, it's a passion!" (Neil Grant, creator and owner DevilsTorque Ltd)


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