"It's not a phase, it's a passion!"

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"It's not a phase, it's a passion!"

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kawasaki Dt2

"They all said it was just a phase, I would soon grow out of it, I would have my moment of fun then move onto somthing else...but they were wrong!


The burning of rubber, 1/4 mile drag race, the demand for more and more horsepower, the debates between turbochargers, superchargers or pure muscle engines, two wheels, three, four wheels, nitrous and drifting, horsepower vs torque.


Superbikes vs supercars, dirt bikes vs 4x4s, leaning into corners, double clutching, manual shifting, being thrown back as you throtal on and give it all she's got!...cars, bikes, speed boats, pure adreline fueled engine power, this is a life long love...

it's not a phase, it's a passion!"

(Neil Grant)

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